Gypsy Madden (timelady) wrote,
Gypsy Madden

Book Review: JumpStart (Valiant - prequel)

JumpStart (Valiant – prequel) by Merrie Destefano

4 stars
Category: YA
Note: Short story length. I obtained a free copy via the author’s newsletter.

Summary: To save the world, Sara and her team have to stop the Valiant space shuttle. They have repeated time (like the movie Ground Hog’s Day) over and over again, with each time being a failure to stop the shuttle from lifting off. Each time the shuttle lifts off, the aliens notice it and invade, ending the world as we know it.

Comments: This is just one attempt by Sara and her team to stop the shuttle. And I have to say, their attempt seems rather hairbrained and suicidal, when there are much easier and effective ways to stop a shuttle than to do a Mission Impossible scale the outside of the shuttle building. I didn’t connect with any of the characters, mostly because I felt like I really didn’t know any of them. Like all I knew about Justin was that he was Sara’s best friend and she was crushing on him. All I knew about Sara was that she had a younger brother named Gabe, and that she was crushing on her best friend. And who was that guy who popped up at the end? It said he was an alien and it named the type of aliens that invaded the earth who they were attempting to stop? Also, why would the launch of this shuttle suddenly trigger an alien invasion when we have been launching shuttles for decades? Things aren’t really explained in this. I always love Ground Hog’s Day repeated stories with them trying to figure out how to get things to work out properly to escape the cycle. And I love the idea of YA sci-fi and alien invasion. But I think this really could have been fleshed out more to hook the reading audience better, because as it stands right now, it doesn’t sell me on the idea of purchasing a 6-dollar full size book.

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