Gypsy Madden (timelady) wrote,
Gypsy Madden

Book Review: Fragile Magic (Dark Forgotten novella)

Fragile Magic (Dark Forgotten novella) by Sharon Ashwood

4 stars
Category: Adult
Note: Novella-length. I obtained a free copy via Book Funnel.

Summary: Selina is a half-Fae trying to blend in with the human world. With her empathic powers being unpredictable, her family can’t rely on her for their family business, so she works for an art show company. During a quick dash into a grocery store, she encounters a baby gargoyle who had gotten entangled in fallen boxes of cereal. She rescues the poor baby, purchases it from the pet store next door that it had escaped from, and notices that it has a broken wing that needs to be looked at. The pet store had recommended Dr. Jake. The nice, sweet, and rather hot vet is also a werewolf and is very much attracted to Selina’s Fae side, as well as the hero in her that rescued the gargoyle.

Comments: While the full-sized Dark Forgotten books are serious urban paranormal fantasy adventures with the heroines risking their lives in dire world ending situations (which is more to my taste), this novella is more of a humorous Cozy, reminiscent of the later Sookie Stackhouse books that threw all the different creatures of the urban paranormal worlds into a blender together and then took everything together in stride. I didn’t really warm to Selina. Probably because she was too career driven for me to relate to (besides, I never relate to women in kitten heels). I did love the baby gargoyle, like how they had to watch him constantly for what he might put into his beak. Jake was the typical hot werewolf shifter (is there even such a thing as an average looking werewolf shifter?) and even more typically, he was alpha. (Can’t read a werewolf shifter book without there being an alpha in it). Though he didn’t really act alpha. He wasn’t the stereotypical pushy, belligerently railroading over whatever the heroine wanted, and acting like his ego was the largest thing in the room. He was kind, sweet, patient, an attentive listener, willing to give advice and suggestions, and willing to let the heroine solve her own problems (far more like a Beta than an Alpha, just saying). I did like the plot of the story, where Selina had to ask the question of whether she was actually happy working for her boss, if she was actually happy denying her Fae heritage, if she could come to terms with and embrace her Fae side, and taking joy from the new things in her life. It was very empowering.

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